We have new challengers! Does Ji Chang Wook's The K2 shake up the Top 10? Does Cinderella and Four Knights gives us more smiles or tears? Is your favorite drama among the Top 10? Let's find out.

Cinderella and Four Knights keeps the crown. The delightful drama has only 2 more episodes to reach the happy ending. Is that really enough to finish the story? Won't Cinderella and her knights need to go to college and give us a season 2? Are you staying with your original prediction, or are you picking a different knight? 

The true winner this week is Jealousy Incarnate again. I might just have to plant a yard sign for #TeamJungWon, because of what happens in episode 9. On the other hand, if the writer shifts the love triangle in favor of Hwa Shin (Jo Jung Suk) winning Na Ri (Gong Hyo JIn), I would accept it if it is done convincingly. But right now, I'm all for Go'Dreamy Kyung Pyo, whose Go Jung Won has exceeded expectation beyond even Lee Min Ho's Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Over Flowers, at this stage in the story. No wonder the romance drama has continued its ascent to #4 this week. 

Historical romance Scarlet Heart: Ryeo stays in #2, while the battle between 4th Prince and 8th Prince starts brewing. Who will Hae Soo (IU) choose? Read candid thoughts from 8th Prince Kang Ha Neul.

Love O2O keeps its #3 spot. This beloved romcom has now attracted fans who are watching it many times over again. Check out these adorable leading men that actress Zheng Shuang has starred with, but I'd bet I know who everyone's favorite prince is.

Revenge saga Monster, starring Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu Ri, has reached its grand finale, after many twists and turns through 50 episodes. No spoilers here, but congrats to the actors who play the good guys and the bad guys with aplomb. Ultimately, who is the monster? Is it the uncle who time and again came back like the bogeyman, or does the term metaphorically refer to greed and corporate evils? I think it's a combination of both, and there were also plenty of characters who got trapped by the monster into submission or joining the monster's den. Although Monster never reached the Top 10, it's worth pointing out that it has risen to #12 here, and in South Korea, it has maintained a double-digit rating that's higher than that of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.

Ice Fantasy continues at #9 and has reached a pivotal turning point. Read great recaps about the latest developments. Let's Drink (Drinking Solo), at #13, is surprisingly funny and poignant. I don't have time right now to fit it into my schedule, but I was pleased with the first episode when I realized there is a multi-layered story under the one-dimensional title.

New Drama News

The K2 is at #14, having just started its broadcast this past weekend. Let's see where Ji Chang Wook and Yoona will take us in the gripping action thriller that's full of suspense and mystery, because we want to see the two adorable stars fulfill their ratings promise.

New Weekly Top 10 in order of popularity:

1. Cinderella and Four Knights (Only on DramaFever)


Cinderella and Four Knights

Starring Jung Il Woo and Park So Dam

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2. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Only on DramaFever)


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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3. Love O2O

4. Jealousy Incarnate

5. Running Man

6. Uncontrollably Fond (Only on DramaFever)


Uncontrollably Fond (Lightly, Ardently)

Starring Kim Woo Bin and Bae Su Ji (Suzy)

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7. Doctor Crush

8. Boys Over Flowers

9. Ice Fantasy

10. Cheese in the Trap

Heirs drops out of the Top 10 again. Will Lee Min Ho fans come to the rescue?

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On my regular watch list: Ice Fantasy. Cinderella and Four KnightsSecond to Last Love, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, Jealousy IncarnateRefresh Man, and The K2.

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