Pregnancy_Fake_Belly Yes, this is a silicone imitation pregnancy simulator that will give you that bump without all the fuss. A women in Bejing starting using these to get a seat on the crowded subway. One day, it came loose on the train and fell to the floor. She was laughed at, but guess what she does next? Sues the company that made the product for poor quality. Netizens online have been condemning her for this complaint. Fake_Pregnancy_Tummy_China_DramaFever The product isn't exactly a new development, but there's more than one way to use it. Here are the different usages people have been discussing online: 1. To trick your friends and family intro believing you are pregnant: A women with the screen name 'xias231' commented that she had always wanted to adopt a child, but her and her husband's family are very traditional. She purchased the full kit to fool her friends and family and will adopt a child at the end. She is planning on adopting a child after she goes through the whole cycle. 2. Prevent Termination/Fake Maternity leave: Another netizen online stated that a past co-worker of hers faked a pregnancy to prevent being laid off. Eventually everyone found out about it and she was quickly dismissed. And if you wanted a paid leave why not fake a pregnancy, I guess? 3. Simulation: A reported tracked down a consumer who has used the fake belly before and found out that a young lady had purchased it to imagine being pregnant someday. A simulation of the experience. She said that she used to only use it at home but started wearing it outside and realized that a) No more lines! Everyone let's her go first and b) She never, ever had to wait for a seat. This lady is now planning to have a child with her husband. Fakebelly_pregnancy   FakePregnancyTrend_Dramafever_01 Fake_Pregnancy_Belly The fake bellies retail for about 400RMB - 1200RMB ($60 - $192 USD), or you could always try, where they sell for around $200USD. What do you think? Would you ever try one of these out? (source:,,