Many dramas have over-the-top characters and storylines, but this new series coming out of Japan may just be the craziest of all time. Titled Hashire! Sayuri chan, this new romantic comedy is about an everyday college girl and the relationships with certain boys she experiences along the way. Sounds just like your typical coming of age drama, except for the fact that the main character, Sayuri, is a girl whose father is a racehorse, so she just so happens to have a horse's head. 

"The main character is Sayuri, who happens to look a little different because her father is a racehorse and her mother is human," according to the drama's official website. "Her head may be that of a horse, but other than that, she is a typical college girl." 

Hashire! Sayuri chan, which translates to Run! Sayer, is a new web series produced by major network Nippon TV and Umabi, a popular horse racing site. With a total of four episodes, each around 13 minutes long, this series has already gotten viewers hooked after its recently streamed first episode. Despite having a horse's head, Sayuri interacts normally with her fellow students, who don't even seem to notice that she looks a little odd. She talks and walks like any young woman would, except she can do things like see 350 degrees around her. But of course, this doesn't freak anybody out. Why would it? She's just a typical college girl!

The reason Sayuri seems so comfortable with herself should probably be credited to her parents, who no doubt raised her to be proud of her unique heritage. But most of her education as a human being must have come from her human mother because her father, who I'm sure is a wonderful horse, can't speak any Japanese. When Sayuri's at home, her father just makes horse noises when he speaks, which makes you wonder how her mother understands anything that comes out of his mouth.

For those of you who are interested, or just plain curious, you can watch the drama at



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