Let's face it: everyone is stressed out these days. Especially, it seems, in the United States. The 2017 World Happiness Report has listed The United States as the 14th happiest country in the world, which is down from 13th place in 2016. More specifically, since the contentious election last November, stress levels among Americans have increased nearly a full percent--over the span of just a few short months. We are tired. We are cranky. And, more than ever, we are in desperate need of some good old fashioned escapism.

Enter DramaFever, the new home of feel good TV!

The endless barrage of negativity on our social feeds and news networks is not just exhausting, it’s often downright depressing. We want, more than ever, to be able to disconnect and immerse ourselves into a kind world where the good guys finish first, the bad guys finish last, and no matter what happens, a happy ending is always right around the corner. With so much uncertainty and instability these days, an increasing number of Americans are turning to "feel good television" for some much-needed stress relief: it's the ultimate comfort food. 

As long-time DramaFever viewers already know, there is no shortage of feel-good fare designed entirely to whisk you away to a happier, better place. Whether you have a taste for fantasy, adventure, or just a good old fashioned rom-com, there's no shortage of escapism here at DramaFever. 

To prove it, here are 5 shows that are 100% guaranteed to melt your heart (and your troubles):


This shape-shifting drama proves that being royal sometimes isn't really all that royal. When a young chef switches bodies with the emperor, the king and the maid need to figure out how to get back into their original shells before their lives get (ahem) royally messed up forever. Start watching It's Not Easy Being King here.


This brilliant teen drama shows that growing up means taking a few hard hits from life. When a young idol prone to scandal meets a model student who dreams of singing, their lives will come together to form the perfect kind of musical chaos. Start watching The Best Hit here.


An insanely strong girl, who is still swooning over her childhood crush, lands a job as a bodyguard to a gorgeous CEO. However, even she doesn’t seem to have the strength to break through her boss’s impenetrable ego and thick skull. Start watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon here.


This modern workplace romance takes the old adage "opposites attract" to the corporate table. When a career-driven woman meets a carefree engineer, their worlds intertwine and forever alter how they view life. Start watching In Life and Love here.


This steamy spin on a classic fairy tale that is sure to make you believe in love again. After losing her mother in a tragic accident, a bright college student must move in with her cruel stepmother. Start watching Cinderella and the Four Knights here.

Ready to feel good? Head on over to DramaFever for the very best in feel-good romantic comedies!