While some might dismiss fairy tales as simple children's stories, their cultural significance should never be overlooked! Not only do fairy tales provide a form of common cultural narrative, but they can also greatly shape the communal imagination of the society in which they originate. If so, what do you get when you reimagine classic Western fairytales as Korean? The results will take your breath away!

The artist responsible for the beautiful and fanciful transformations is none other than South Korean artist Wooh Nayoung, better known by the nickname 'Obsidian'.  Wooh Nayoung started giving Western fairytales their whimsical Korean makeover as early as 2009, and her work has been gaining more and more attention as of late. However, her current project is not her first foray into showcasing the beauties of Korean aesthetics in a modern and imaginative way.  

(Wooh Nayoung AKA "Obsidian") 

Wooh's current project title 'Fairy Tales' is a effort on the part of the artist to create "reinterpretations of Western fairy tales" by depicting various characters utilizing a fantastic mix of both modern and traditional Korean aesthetics!

Make sure to check out some of her fantastic fairy tale artwork below:

#1 The Frog Prince

#2 Red Riding Hood

#3 The Wild Swans

#4 The Snow Queen

#4 Coronet Dance & Royal Ladies

#5 Plume Dress

#6 In the workshop 1

To explore more of Obsidian's past and future artwork click here

What did you think about Wooh's artwork? Which Western folktale would you like to see done next? Let us know below!

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