Lee Seo Won's budding career was in danger of never happening, because of a freak accident.

It's impossible to imagine Lovely Love Lie without our lovable Lee portraying Crude Play's Seo Chan Young. However, there was a time in his life where acting looked like an unattainable future. Three years ago while walking down the street in a crosswalk, he was hit by a car running a red light. Lee Seo Won suffered severe injuries, and he recounted the aftermath in a recent interview.

"I had prepared contemporary dance as my talent for an audition, but because my body was broken, I wasn't able to do anything," the 20 year-old explained.

"I had an opportunity to appear in a movie at the time, but it fell through, and all of the auditions during that time fell through. I thought about a lot of things at the time. I thought to myself, that one could become so useless so suddenly. I was able to learn a valuable lesson about life."

He worked his way up the entertainment totem pole by taking small roles and production jobs, but that one unfortunate moment in time almost ended it all. Thankfully, he healed, and we are all able to witness his acting skills improve with each passing production. First stop South Korea, his next destination the global stage! He and former KARA member Han Seung Yeon are currently filming the upcoming JTBC web drama Last Minute Romance. 

Would you have been able to bounce back as quickly as Lee Seo Won to pursue your dreams? 

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