It's been a decade since some of your favorite K-dramas like Famous Princesses, Freeze, Goong, and more were your weekly ritual. Some of the cherished productions from 2006 may have even piqued your interest in the genre in general. To celebrate their ten-year anniversary, let's see what ten heartthrobs from a few of the most popular shows are doing today. 

1. Park Hae Jin

Its his 10-year anniversary! He made his debut as the lovable Ha Nam in KBS's Famous Princesses. He pretty much swept actress Lee Tae Ran's character off her feet with his undying love for her. This year, he gave viewers goosebumps as the unpredictable and mysterious Yoo Jung in Cheese In A Trap. He is currently starring in Guangdong TV's new series Far Away Love.

2. Lee Seung Gi

The ballad prince is another Famous Princesses alum, where he played college playboy Tae Ja. Lee is a A-list star these days, but he put his hot career on hold to complete his mandatory military duty. The Love Forecast actor released the singles "I'm Going to the Military" and "Meet Someone Like Me" to comfort his fans during his hiatus. Lee is scheduled to be discharged in October 2017.

3. Joo Ji Hoon

Goong's Crown Prince, Lee Shin, is strictly into movies this year. His crime film Asura releases in the latter half of this year, while the fantasy movie With God begins filming next month. The Mask actor has also been dating sexy BEG member Gain since 2014.

4. Kim Jeong Hoon

Goong's Royal Prince Yul decided to try acting in a short series recently. His fun mini-drama Missing Korea co-starred 2NE1's Sandara Park last fall. His SBS daily series Witch's Castle has been airing since December.

5. Lee Seo Jin

He may have played vampire Baek Joong Won n the classic horror show Freeze, but he is the rich and sophisticated guy named Ji Hoon in Marriage Contract. In his new drama, he gets an instant family with his ailing wife and young daughter.

6. Yoo Gun 

He touched audiences' hearts as Han Roo in Hello God. This year, he is getting ready to return to fans on the silver screen in the thriller film Insane. The chilling new movie, which stars Lee Sang Yoon, premieres in theaters on April 7.

7. Kim Rae Won

Kim tugged at our heartstrings as the boyfriend in mourning in What Planet Are You From. Choi Seung Hee may be gone, but the actor's career is still on fire! He actually has two movies scheduled to premiere this year, and he is considering starring in the upcoming SBS drama Doctors. The horror film Revival and crime movie The Prison are both scheduled to hit the silver screen this year. 

8. Park Shi Hoo 

Fellow What Planet Are You From alum Park Shi Hoo played Han Jung Hoon. This year, he made his grand return to television in mystery series Neighborhood Hero. His romantic tearjerker movie After Love premiered in theaters on March 10. 

9. Jung Chan

He shined in the supporting role of Kang Sae Yeon in Lovers. The veteran actor, who celebrates his 21-year anniversary in the industry this year, is currently starring in the MBC daily drama The Dearest Lady. 

10. Kim Jae Won 

In Hwang Jin Yi, Kim Jeong Han saved Hwang's life and fell in love with her. Kim became one of the most notable characters in the series. This year, he hasn't decided on a new project, but his MBC historical series Hwajung wrapped in September. 

Which classic heartthrob are you looking forward to seeing in a new production this year?


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