Today's school lunches are from Taiwan's public schools! As requested by one of our readers, we have compiled images of what's being served on the plates of school kids in Taiwan. A school in Taiwan publishes its menu a week in advance and uploads photos of the food eaten daily by the students. China Times reported that an official at Taiwan's Ministry of Education said that all elementary schools have kitchens equipped with cooks and nutritionists who are required to set meals with three side dishes, soup and a fruit every day.

A girl from the school sent a photo of a standard Taiwanese lunch box to nine-year-old blogger, Martha Payne. Martha started the blog NeverSeconds with the help of her father to rate her school lunches for taste and healthiness. Her blog became an internet hit after TV chef Jamie Oliver posted about the "shocking but inspirational blog" on his Twitter, encouraging her efforts. Martha was praised for her lunch blogging. She thinks the lunch looks "colorful and tasty" although she was unable to recognize all the foods.

Pictured below is the school meal featured on the blog. It's been confirmed to be from the ChiaPei elementary school in Chiayi of southern Taiwan:

The meal contains rice, a helping of winter melon and tofu, fried eggs with veggies, and a stir-fried vegetable dish with sides of sweet and sour soup and tomatoes.

Next up we have some sweet and sour pork with vegetables, vegetable stir fry, fish ball stew with more veggis, seaweed and egg drop served with a lot of rice:

Then we have a smaller serving of rice that comes with mushroom and minced pork,  tempura, eggplant, and radish soup with pork:

The next meal has a different presentation from the other pictures above but still seems healthy nonetheless. We have a bowl of chicken soup with beef meat balls, a small serving of stir fried bean sprouts, some greens, and fried meat (possibly fish):

Do you have a favorite school lunch so far? Which countries' school lunches would you like to see next?