A lot of people have been wondering about that oh-so hot little scarf seen in the first episode of Greatest Love. Hey, I will admit it--I WANT ONE, and I know you do too!

Not so fast though, if you think you can just run out and grab one, think again. The scarf is from the visionary Alexander McQueen (may he rest in peace), which is easily identifiable from the signature skull pattern. Still want one? You are gonna have to shell out approximately $260 for the name brand accessory, but you WILL be stylin'.
Do you already own one? If you do I am extremely jealous but feel free to gloat about it! Has anyone else out there ran out to buy something because they saw it in a drama? I have not (yet) but have been very-very tempted. See more style and fashion in Greatest Love on DramaFever! Source: Naver