In a recent interview, IU opened up about her acting transformation in the upcoming tvN series My Mister. The upbeat and lively TV characters the 24-year-old is known for will be a thing of the past as she takes on the role of a dark character jaded by the harsh realty of life. What was the real reason she joined this production?

Turns out she is a big fan of the director's work! Like everyone else, she adored Incomplete Life. She expressed her enthusiasm stating, "I was excited to work with director Kim Won Suk, who worked on a drama I really enjoyed, Incomplete Life (Missing). The confidence and ideas he expressed during our first meeting were what convinced me to take on the project. I liked the script because the words and expressions are simple but hold a lot of weight."

This year, the idol admits she was looking for a challenge. “I’ve mainly played characters who are cute and bright, but this one will not be like that. I’ve been trying to channel the quiet and tense personality of Ji An, who was never experienced warmth in her life. She is someone who believes she already knows everything she needs to know about the world, but she slowly learns that there is a bigger world out there," she said.

Lee Ji An changes for the better when she meets the middle-aged brothers Park Dong Hoon, Park Sang Hoon and Park Ki Hoon. Ji An is supposed to form a special attachment to Dong Hoon, and we can't wait to see the story unfold on March 21! Actor Lee Sun Gyun plays Dong Hoon, while stars Park Ho San and Song Sae Byuk portray the other two siblings.


My Mister

Starring Lee Sun Gyun and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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