Feng Shao Feng plays Prince Ka Suo of the Ice tribe in fantasy drama Ice Fantasy. It's not easy to film a fantasy drama as actors have to collaborate with imaginative special effects and technology. However, you wouldn't believe what the handsome leading man feared the most while he was filming the popular fantasy drama.

In an interview, handsome Chinese leading man Feng Shao Feng revealed an unusual surprise.

He said wearing the blue contacts was the most painful experience, because the lenses made his eyes very dry and he would feel drowsy.

He also feared the female warriors! 

Although his Prince Kasuo was powerful, he fought using his magical powers as an ice prince. The female warriors, such as Victoria Song's Li Luo and Zhang Meng's Yan Da, actually picked up weapons to fight. Feng said if he wasn't careful, he could get hurt just standing next to the lady fighters.

He also said it was nice that he didn't have to fight when Victoria was the one fighting to protect him.

Feng Shao Feng recently completed Ice Fantasy, his first TV drama since the 2013 Prince of Lan Ling. The drama also stars f(x)'s Victoria Song as a female warrior who falls in love with Feng Shao Feng's Price Ka Suo of the Ice tribe. Singer-actor Ma Tian Yu stars as the enigmatic Prince Shi

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Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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Are you enjoying Ice Fantasy? Who is your favorite character? Who is the least favorite?

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