In the popular drama Goblin, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) has lived over 900 years and he is searching for a Goblin's Bride. In real life, is Gong Yoo planning to get married? What is it that he has promised to do if and when he gets married? He even made this promise in public!

Gong Yoo has been a popular leading man ever since the famous Coffee Prince, but with the surging popularity of Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, there is a renewed interest in the handsome actor's future when it comes to love and marriage.

Back in September, when Gong Yoo was interviewed about The Age of Shadows, he cited the movie's director, Kim Ji Woon, to have influenced his view on marriage. The 37-year-old actor admitted that the thought of marriage and family was something he had thought a lot about at his age, but for now, he wanted to enjoy freedom. 

However, if everyone's favorite boyfriend ever decides to settle down, his fans will be the first to find out, because he has pinky-promised a fan during a special Guerilla Date, the KBS Entertainment Weekly program that brings a star to the streets of Seoul. 

Take a look at the fun video that's completely subbed in English.

If you want to go directly to the part where the fan asked about his marriage plan, it starts from 2:35.

In the video, the fan was clearly overjoyed at meeting Gong Yoo.

She then asked him to make sure he'd announce to the fans site first if he was getting married, but then admitted she wasn't ready for him to marry yet.

(We understand the ambivalent feelings when it comes to Gong Yoo!)

Gong Yoo agreed and they even pinky-promised.

Isn't that cute!

So, now it's in public records that fans will find out about Gong Yoo's marriage plans first, if that ever comes. 

In the meantime, when does Gong Yoo's Goblin find his bride? What happens next?


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