Kang So Ra's sensational on-screen chemistry with Choi Si Won in Revolutionary Love makes it almost impossible to ship her with anyone else. However, the 27-year-old actress has had many on-screen love interests that everyone has adored. From hot singers to suave actors, it's so hard to choose just one! Despite our feelings, what did Kang think about her handsome leading men? Let's find out her true feelings about several of them now.

1. We Got Married

After being virtually married to Super Junior's Leeteuk in 2011, her family even fell in love with him! She admitted in a Sports Seoul interview that they bonded, and he changed her for the better.  "We got really close after we began filming We Got Married... I'm actually a rather quiet person and have no aegyo, but I changed a lot after being with him. He's a really thoughtful and considerate person. My parents love him, they think he's the ideal son-in-law."

2. Dream High 2

She respected the work of her idol co-stars and admitted to becoming friends with them on set. They even kept in contact when they weren't filming. However, Kang easily chose GOT7's JB over Jinwoon when she sat next to Jinwoon during a press meeting. "Even if someone is sitting next to you, you have to be constant," she said. 

3. Doctor Stranger

During a chat with OSEN, Kang revealed that she gets along with hearttrob Lee Jong Suk. "I’m friends with Lee Jong Suk. He’s really very sociable." On the flipside, her celebrity friend surprised her by being full of aegyo (cuteness). She assumed he was just an actor and model who was more on the serious side.  

4. Incomplete Life

She revealed in interviews that she was closer to Im Siwan than the other co-stars. Even though the lovely actress revealed that she didn't fantasize about Siwan, their great friendship paid off, because she introduced him to his new agency this past Spring. They are now Plum Entertainment family.

5. Jeju Island Gatsby

In an interview with MyDaily, she opened up about working with the dashing Yoo Yun Suk. “We have great chemistry... Yoo Yu Suk has a big heart and he is really caring. Like the character of Gun Woo, in reality, he is also innocent like a child, but also charming in a very masculine way. I think I understand why women like him so much.”

6. Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho

Park Shin Yang had a wife and child during the series, but Kang was his on-screen work wife. She opened up about what it was like to play opposite someone 22 years older than her. "I really liked working with a sunbae that I've always liked and looked up to since I was younger. I still can't believe it. I'm just learning by being beside him."

What do you think about her chemistry with current leading man, Choi Siwon?

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