Choi Si Won has a great repertoire in the entertainment industry. His fans have considered him "Mr. Perfect" since his debut with Super Junior in 2005. In return, the Revolutionary Love star does his best to prove them right by excelling on the stage and screen. His co-stars seem to agree with his fandom, because they love working with him. Let's take a look at what six of his leading ladies thought about him over the years.

1. Seo Ji HyeLegend of Hyang Dan

She was obviously very comfortable around him. Seo played a pregnant historical character, so she was overdressed and needed to take off the top layer of her outfit to be cooler in the summer. She revealed in an interview on Strong Heart that she didn't think twice about taking off her costume with Si Won present, because he was younger than her. 

2. Chae RimOh! My Lady

Chae Rim may have been several years older than him when they starred together in the 2010 rom-com, but she admitted in an interview (during the drama's photoshoot) that his mentality was much older. She said he was really precocious and seemed like a 35-year-old man. 

3. Lee Si YoungPoseidon

Back in 2011, dramaland nicknamed Lee and Choi's on-screen pairing as "The Ocean Couple" (aka Sun-Soo Couple). They seemed to be playful on set, and Lee Si Young endearingly considered him one of her siblings. "I thought of him as a younger brother," she said during an interview with Star Date.

4. Jung Ryeo WonThe King of Dramas

When he showered the cast and crew with refreshments on the first day of shooting, everyone had words of praise for him. Jung, who seemed to form a great friendship with Choi Si Won behind-the-scenes, had this to say, “He really is well-mannered and a good hoobae [junior].”

5. Hwang Jung EumShe Was Pretty

During the She Was Pretty press conference, Hwang admitted how much of a joy it was to work alongside Choi. "When I filmed with Siwon, I really enjoyed myself. It was great seeing that when he acts, he works hard and doesn't put on an air of affectation. It was like seeing myself during High Kick through the Roof. I don't usually mess up my lines but I once made a mistake because I burst out into laughter [thanks to Siwon]. He is a really likable person and possesses great energy."

6. Liu WenWe Are In Love

The Chinese model coupled up with Choi in her country's version of We Got Married. During her time on the series, she wrote a love letter to the singer mentioning the wonderful days she spent with him. Here is an excerpt of her letter:  "I think meeting you was a very wonderful thing....That day, you held my hand when it was cold. The warmth of your hand is like a summer's day....When we went to learn tango, you stood there in the sunny studio. That moment, I felt like you treated me like a princess. As I saw your face get closer and closer, I thought I might fall in love with you."

He makes a great first impression! Which one of Choi Si Won's pretend exes are you the most jealous of? 

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