With fewer and fewer young men and women willing to commit to marriage in the United States, and with many even unwilling to commit to relationships in general, the whole idea of everlasting love and "till death do us part" is becoming something a lot of singes don't believe in anymore. In Japan, the same can be said, but because of its traditional culture, the whole husband as the provider and stay-at-home wife relationship is still going strong. But what do those living the married life in Japan actually think of their situations? The answers may surprise you, and some are sure to make you laugh! 

Japanese internet survey site Goo Ranking conducted an anonymous survey of a total of 1718 married men and women, asking them to fill in the blank for "Marriage is Life's ____." It's definitely interesting to see the wide range of answers, as some describe it as bliss, and their reason for living, while others, on the other hand, bluntly describe their married life as graveyard, hell and a mistake. And at the very bottom of the ranking, it says 41 answers are in the "other" category. Definitely curious as to what these people had to say. 

Either way, as expected, married life can be wonderful for some, and absolute crap for others. But when it comes to tying the knot, I think everyone can agree on one thing: married life can get very difficult at times, and there are many obstacles to overcome, and how you and your spouse deal with the hardships and respond to them is what makes or breaks the relationship. That being said, check out the answer below. 

1. Life's Turning Point — 267
2. Life's Ordeal — 198
3. Life's Waypoint — 187
4. Life's Support — 161
5. Life's Start — 149
6. Life's Graveyard — 134
7. Life's Bliss — 126
8. Life's Hell — 68
9. Life's Aspiration — 60
10. Life's Reason for Living — 56
11. Life's Spice — 45
11. Life's Healing — 45
13. Life's Mistake — 42
14. Life's Stepping Stone — 31
15. Life's Objective — 31
16. Life's Objective — 29
17. Life's Stimulus — 22
18. Life's Goal — 14
19. Life's Heaven — 11
20. Other — 41

If you are married yourself, what word would you use to fill in the blank. "Marriage is Life's ____?"