leeboyoung Lee Bo Young recently expressed her concerns about acting with a 10-year minor, Lee Jong Suk, which includes her increasing self-conciousness about her appearance. She commented, "I can't help but to see people's reactions. There are things that upset me. Someone even said that I was Lee Jong Suk's aunt. But it's because the camera focuses on the flaws but in person, it's not that bad." An aunt? Ouch. As she was stating this, she even asked the camera director to confirm it to be true only to be left hanging. Lee Bo Young also said that Lee Jong Suk dances, sings, and performs aegyo and acting as an endorphin on the set of I Hear Your Voice. She joked, "I will probably never act with someone younger than Lee Jong Suk." leeboyoung3 (Source: Nate)