This week, DramaFever will air two historical stories that revolve around the art of face reading: The King's Face, which is a new drama series starring Seo In Guk, and The Face Reader, a film which loosely inspired the drama, starring Song Kang Ho. But what about face reading in the 21st century?

Physiognomy (face reading) typically falls into the realm of pseudoscience because it has no hard evidence behind it. In Western society, it also has a history of being used to justify racist aims. Still, although it isn't backed by the scientific community in general, many people continue the practice of face reading today as a means of reading personality traits or fortune. Recently, some South Korean physiognomists got together to analyze the features of North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Un, and they published their findings with Yonhap News. Here's what they concluded.

Do you think they got their analysis right? Do you believe that facial structures contain clues to personality? Even if you don't, it's kind of interesting to see his facial breakdown. 

Will you be watching the face-reading stories on DramaFever? Check out the first episode of The King's Face below: