The hot and dynamic Ji Chang Wook is back with his new action thriller The K2. He also revealed more of his preferences during a fun interview. We have the video and the answers to some pertinent questions, such as when he is enlisting in the Korean military service, and what he looks for in a girlfriend.

The popular Korean actor was interviewed by Chinese fashion and style columnist Thomas Ye, known as gogoboi, who has more than 6 million followers on Weibo. 

Gogoboi relayed a top concern from the fans: "When are you starting your military service?"

Ji Chang Wook responds, "Probably in the middle of 2017, but no exact date has been set."

So, what does Ji Chang Wook look for in a girlfriend?

Here we go!

Q. Are you open to have a Chinese girlfriend? (The answer can apply to any non-Korean girlfriend.)

A. Of course! I think the biggest issue is communication, but she can teach me Chinese. As long as our hearts are with each other, it should be fine.

(The following are quick & sweet Q&As. Ji Chang Wook was asked to pick an immediate answer without thinking.)

Q. Hugs or a quick peck on the face?

A. Hugs.

Q. Hugging or kissing?

A. Kissing.

Q. Kiss scene or action scene?

A. Kiss scene.

Q. Football or basketball?

A. Football.

Q. Hot pot or roast duck?

A. Hot pot.

Q. Sexy or innocent looking?

A. Sexy.

Q. Large or small eyes?

A. Both! (He laughed out loud. So cute.)

Q. Long or short hair?

A. Both are fine.

Q. Height of 160 cm or 170 cm? 

A. 160 cm.

Q. Thin or full lips.

A.  Full.

Q. Soft or aggressive lips?  (Ha ha. Who knows what aggressive lips look like?)

A. Soft.

Do you know the criteria now? How many of you would qualify?

And, don't forget he likes the strawberry-flavored lip balm on a woman.

If you are interested in the original interview, the entire video is posted to the Chinese qq site, The video is fully subbed in Chinese, with gogoboi speaking Korean with Ji Chang Wook. 

A fan has also posted the video to youtube:

In the meantime, The K2 starts Friday, September 23. 

Let's not keep Ji Chang Wook waiting!

~ NancyZdramaland

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