Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin's on-screen chemistry in Something in the Rain (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food) is so enthralling that many fans are rooting for their reel-to-real romance. What does our handsome leading man say about all that buzz?

The two stars have been surrounded with a swarm of questions about their dating life, thanks to the extreme popularity of their new romantic drama. Some fans reportedly even believe that the star couple are already dating.

Leading lady Son Ye Jin deferred to her leading man Jung Hae In to answer the question on whether there is a possibility for their dating in real life.

Here's what Jung Hae In said:

“People around me keep saying, ‘Why don’t you two date?’ and ‘If you two date, I’ll support you.’ [Ye Jin] noona and I have even talked about it. However, what we filmed was a drama and not a documentary. It was all fiction and lies. In spite of that, I tried to act with sincerity in every moment, and [the reactions we received] made me think that my sincerity had been successfully conveyed to some degree.”

Aw... it's all just acting?!

But, just in case you felt you've just been doused a shower of cold rain, the cutest first-time leading man shows off a diplomatic side by opening a new door.

Jung Hae In added, “Then again, you never know what might happen.”

If you haven't watched the new sparkling romance with a happy ending, now is the best time to binge:


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Are you wishing for them to date in real life?

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