Now that 49 Days is over, I don't know how I will get my Scheduler fix. Here is the the translation of his recent interview:

Jung Il Woo: It’s time to love… “Personality over the looks..”

Jung Il Woo 49 Days Interview

"Every Drama is memorable, but ‘49 days’ has a special place for me. I’ve really enjoyed it. I was fortunate enough to be with good actors and that was great. I’m a bit sad about finishing up 49 days.”

Jung Il Woo played the role of ‘Scheduler’ which is the modern-day grim reaper. It was a very important role for the story because it is a modern-day grim reaper, he had to take extra care in his fashion, mannerisms, and facial expressions. The reactions from the viewers were explosive. Fans gave him enormous amount of support. He left thank you messages on Twitter. “Unfamiliar character called 'Scheduler' was my challenge and adventure. However, I think I was able to really enjoy the role because of it. I loved the project more than any other. 49 days will always have a special place in my heart.”

Jung Il Woo is 25 years old. What does he think about women? What kind of love does he dream of? We asked him as a favor to many lady fans our there. “In the drama, he loved Song Yi Kyung so much that he continued to love her in the afterlife. I thought that I could have a love like that. People are curious about who my ideal woman is. I used to like someone tall, but now I don’t care about the appearances. I just end up looking at the personality now. Personality must be pretty.”

After answering the question, he promised to have a special event for fans on his 10th year anniversary. Since he debuted on 2006, the event will take place on 2016. “I’m always thankful for the fans who love me. I want to go to an outing with them. We’ll have a lot of fun there. We’ll play games and barbeque party. Let’s go during my 10th year anniversary!

Usually when a guys say "I like your personality" it is the kiss of death, but for Jung Il Woo I will overlook that fact. I mean he is the freaking cool is that? What do you think? Are you pretty enough for Jung Il Woo? Gotta fight me for him.

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