The highly-anticipated new drama Doctor Crush has premiered in South Korea and on DramaFever to a great reception. Before the premiere, Park Shin Hye gave a promise of what she would do if the drama hits a ratings record. What did she promise? You can watch the English-subbed video message direct from the actress herself.

Park Shin Hye said that if Doctor Crush exceeds 15% in viewer ratings, she would dance to "Shy Shy Shy," referring to K-pop girls group TWICE's song "Cheer Up."

She added, “I will also sing a little.”

She made her promise by broadcasting it live through Naver V LIVE on June 20 as she was getting ready to watch the first episode with friends and staff. She said her heart was pounding and she was feeling nervous.

The new drama, which also stars Kim Rae Won, has caught viewers' curiosity and imagination. 

Park Shin Hye portrays a brand new personality that is unique and different from her past roles. The romance is a little early to tell as there are a bunch of other hot actors, such as Cheer Up's Ji Soo.

There's nothing for Park to worry about, however, as advance ratings report says that Doctor Crush's first episode has hit 12.9%! 

Park Shin Hye, you'd better start practicing soon!


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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