We've already read about how Lee Min Ho carefully initiated dating with Suzy and his thoughts about getting married, but what is Suzy's view on marriage? Keep in mind that she is only 20, and her view has evolved over the years. Also, check out how Suzy looks in a wedding gown.

When Lee Min Ho was asked about the subject of marriage during an interview with Hong Kong magazine New Monday, just days before he was revealed to be dating Suzy, he said, "If I get married in the future, I want to have a relationship like friends with my other half. It'd be best if we can communicate often."

So, what does his girlfriend, Miss A's Suzy, think about marriage?

(Here's Suzy in a wedding gown in the drama Big)

In 2013, when Suzy appeared on the SBS Good Morning program to promote the Architecture 101 movie with co-star Uhm Tae Woong, she was asked how old she wanted to be to get married.

Suzy replied that she had not really thought about how old she wanted to be to get married. "I want to think about marriage after I meet someone who I really love," said Suzy.

That's a good answer and a wise one for an 18-year old girl.

A year later, Suzy apparently thought about the subject a little more and gave a different answer when she appeared on the SBS program One Night of TV Entertainment.

She said, "I want to get married quickly, with someone who is around my age and could go on trips and talk with me like a friend."

Comparing what Lee Min Ho has said and what Suzy has said, it sounds like they both place friendship as a top priority for a married couple. But will they marry quickly as Suzy thought when she was 19?

Despite the 7 years of age difference between them, they are both young, and it'll be good for both of them to take time to develop their relationship.

So, best wishes for their future and may they continue to be great friends and enjoy happiness together.

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