If you've spent time around Koreans, you might have been asked about your blood type before. This might seem unusual if you're not familiar with Korean culture. However, in Korea everyone knows their own blood type, even if they've never donated blood before. This is because many Koreans believe that a person's blood type can influence their personality.

Check out the video to find out what your blood type means in Korea, and also read the article below!

The Korean word for blood type is "hyul-ek-hyung" (혈액형), and there are 4 kinds - A, B, O, and AB.

Type A Blood

A person with type A blood in Korea is seen as being kind to other people, but also possibly a perfectionist and an introvert.

Type B Blood

A person with type B blood is seen as being creative and passionate. However, they're also seen as being irresponsible, selfish, and possibly lazy as well.

Type O Blood

People with type O blood are considered to be confident and expressive. On the other hand, they're also considered egotistical, and risk takers.

Type AB Blood

And finally, people with type AB blood are considered to be rational and calm. At the same time, they're also considered to be critical of others, as well as indecisive. People with AB blood are thought to be either a genius, or a psychopath. Many villains in drama shows will have type AB blood for this reason.

Which type are you? Do you think your personality matches your blood type? Comment below and share what you've found!

For a disclaimer, I don't think that blood types can predict a person's personality, but it is useful to know these in Korea. It's especially fun to ask a Korean to guess your blood type, and see if they can guess correctly based on your personality.

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