What's your favorite Korean dish? Here are six (sexy) options. Pick the one you're craving right now and find out what it says about you!

1. Kimchi/Banchan (Side-dishes)

You're a classic, you. You're that essential friend in the group that's not all about the center stage, but is a necessity at all times. You compliment any outing and you're the best, most supportive pal a person could ask for! Also, let me guess, you really love Boys Over Flowers and Lee Min Ho.

2. Bibimbap

Here's to being low maintenance! You're all about the simple things in life. Who needs fancy shmancy when you can go for healthy, filling and super delicious? You're that easygoing person everyone loves, and you hold it down like no other. Down to earth and open-minded, we all know you can put up with a lot-- just be careful people don't take you for granted as backup. You're so cool, you deserve more than that!

3. Jjajangmyun

You're a unique spirit with an independent streak. You like what you like and you'll go for it! In fact, you picked the only dish on the list that isn't even really Korean, so there, you rebel, you. Be careful of getting disorganized though. Your ideas and convictions are great, but don't let it get lost in a mess! (By the way, you should be watching You Are All Surrounded for the great jjajangmyun scene!)

4. Chimek (Chicken and Beer)

Simple and easy does the trick! You are the type of person who would rather eat at home in front of the TV than out in a fancy restaurant. You may be guilty of a little gluttony, since chicken and beer are both pretty richly-flavored things, but hey what can we say? We like us some good 'ol fried chicken too. (Also My Love from Another Star is probably your favorite K-drama because you're really just Cheon Song Yi.)

5. Korean Barbecue

You voracious meat eater! You love the good stuff and, yeah, it can get pricey at times. There's no such thing as moderation for you because you'll eat (or love) until you explode! People are drawn to your magnetism and dynamic personality, though not everyone is able to handle you at times. You're popular, fun, and really hands-on--the life of the party!

6. Tteokbokki (Rice cakes)

Who says street food isn't real food? You're all about the simple pleasures. Your minimalist personality craves fun and action, and you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty going for it. You're cute and spunky, with a knack for adventure! (Not to mention Goong's ddukbokki scene was totally our favorite!)

Okay, now we're hungry. Share the pic of your favorite dish (and hunk) on FaceBook, Twitter, or Pinterest with the tag #DramaFever to show your pride!