As the October wedding between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo gets closer with every day, why is the groom-to-be all of a sudden talking about being ready for the dark side? Is he joking? Does he think married life is going to be hell? Or is he actually talking about something that has nothing at to do with his romantic future whatsoever? 

It has only been three weeks since the surprise marriage announcement from two of Korea's biggest stars, and it's as if fans are already counting down the days until October 31, the schedule date of the wedding between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo. But for the two actors, doing good work as an artist is just as important as their relationship. The focus in recent days, by fans and media alike, has overwhelmingly been on the bright future and romance between the soon-to-be husband and wife. But as Song Joong Ki told Yonhap News Agency on Monday, he's ready for some darkness.

"I want to try out chilling roles, said the 31-year-old actor. "More chilling material in terms of genre and dark roles.” It looks like despite promised wedded bliss with the girl of his dreams in his personal life, Song Joong Ki is looking to go the exact opposite when it comes to his work. Professionally, he's not looking for comfort. He may be known for his wholesome image, but he's now ready to explore the not-so-wholesome. "The fans see the bright side of the actor Song Joong-ki, but I think I find acting out the dark side (of a character) intriguing."

In the new blockbuster The Battleship Island, the actor plays Park Moo Young, a special forces agent with the Korean Liberation Army who faces death while attempting to save lives. For this, he's had to find it within himself to internally and externally eliminate any lightheartedness that may have been a part of himself before taking this role. And now, he wants to go deeper. And darker.

If life is really all about finding the right balance, Song Joong Ki seems to be doing well for himself. Warm and bright romantic future ahead in his personal life, pure coldness and darkness in his work life. Perfect!

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