We all wish we could follow Gu Family Book star Lee Seung Gi around all the time, but a reporter from Sports Seoul/Dispatch actually did. Maybe he was hoping he'd catch the actor doing something sneaky, but more likely the reporter was just as interested in watching him live his day-to-day life as we are! Here's some of what the reporter uncovered: seunggi3 Even Lee Seung Gi needs to visit the hair salon every once in a while, and now there's proof!


Lee Seung Gi and his manager share an umbrella—you mean he's cute and sweet?!?!! Where do I sign up?


Looks like he's polite and attentive to his female staff, much would you give to trade places with this woman?


Here he is returning some sponsored clothing. So, if you're keeping track, that means he's cute, sweet, and honest!


This one may be my favorite! The reporter uncovered a picture of him eating ddukbokgi with his high school classmates. There he is, all the way in the back, as adorable as ever. I wonder if he still keeps in touch with those classmates?

Netizens have reacted positively to this reporter's findings, complimenting Lee Seung Gi on leading such a good life even though he's often in the spotlight. One netizen says, "It's people like Lee Seung Gi who deserve their success~ Someone with a good head on their shoulders."

"What great character. I hope he finds even greater success," says another.

What do you think of this glimpse into Lee Seung Gi's day-to-day? Do these photos say anything about him as a person?