The long-anticipated movie adaption of the popular book Fifty Shades of Grey is finally coming out this Valentine's Day, and while a K-drama version is not likely to happen anytime in the near future (I mean, K-drama characters are lucky if they get past the awkward eyes-open-first-kiss stage), I can’t help but imagine what the dream cast would look like. Fifty Shades of Grey is more than fifty times more explicit than a K-drama, so the Korean actors cast as the leads would have to be able to pull off some serious sexy.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are the actors chosen to play Ana and Christian in the English version, but which Korean actors would portray these characters the best? Here are my picks:

Christian Grey: Song Seung Heon

Christian is an incredibly wealthy, self-involved, and initially slightly cruel young businessman. He is described as a powerful, sexy executive who likes to be in control and dominant. Just check Song Seung Heon pulling off both a suit and nothing at all.

Ana: Shin Min Ah

The hard working misfit female lead, Ana, is supposedly less attractive and has less money than the male lead. She is described as being a slender, shy, slightly awkward, jeans and t-shirt type of girl who is smart and underestimates her own beauty. I think Shin Min Ah would do a great job portraying a character like this because she is beautiful but still seems vulnerable.

Jose: Lee Seung-gi

The perfect, kind, brotherly second male lead, Jose, doesn’t stand a chance against the mean male lead. Jose is described as an understanding, attractive, and a nearly perfect friend. Can’t you just see Lee Seung-gi making you feel torn as the second male lead?

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Kate: Go Ara

The female best friend, Kate, is considered prettier and more confident than the female lead. Kate is described as the confident, curvy, bombshell best friend who tries to lift up Ana’s confidence and protect her when things get rough. As of late, Go Ara  has chosen roles where she is the more gawky, awkward type, but based on photos, she has the potential to fit the Kate mold perfectly, and it would be nice to see her do something different.

So what do you think of these picks? Who would you choose to be the Korean dream cast of a Fifty Shades of Grey K-drama?