Turns out it was Kim Jong Kook's poor health that was the driving force behind his regular workouts.

On the SBS reality program My Ugly Duckling, the Running Man star opened up about the struggles he endured growing up. The now extremely buff celebrity suffered a broken leg and herniated disk in his early years, but extensive rehab at the gym helped him recuperate.

"When I was young, I broke my leg. Apparently, when you break your leg, the bone lengths can differ as you grow older. In elementary school, I wrestled and during middle school, I used to do taekwondo. Without any correct information, I just exercised recklessly," he explained.

High school was where he was afflicted with a herniated disk. Thankfully, his doctor gave him good advice that aided in his complete recovery. "As it all happened, my lower back became crooked which eventually led to me having a herniated disk in high school. I remember back in high school, because of the pain, I couldn't get off the bus and ended up going all the way to the endpoint/last station. So when I went to the hospital, the doctor told me to try working out and as I did that, it got way better. To be honest, I've gone beyond the rehabilitation stage and need to cut down on working out. But I'm anxious/uneasy habitually and I'm sure experts will tell me I'm wrong but what can I do if I'm feeling this way?"

The 41 year-old star has a picture perfect body that many may envy, but who knew he went through so much pain before he could fully enjoy his fitness-fueled lifestyle? We may see him start to slim down in the near future. I wonder if we'll still recognize him at first glance after he does.

Did Kim Jong Kook's active lifestyle encourage you to become his fan? Will you be disappointed if he decides to quit the gym one day?

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: International BNT