Starting Friday, October 18th, DramaFever is proud to bring you A Clinic on the Sea, Japanese drama that has the distinction of being a "月9" or "getsu ku" drama. What does that mean? "Getsu ku" is an abbreviation for Getsuyō kuji (月曜9時), and basically means Mondays at 9pm. But in Japan, it means a lot more.

Traditionally, Mondays at 9pm have been reserved for dramas considered the very best of the season, something like "must-see TV." The practice was started by Fuji TV, but became adopted by other networks as well. Now, it's not uncommon for actors to proudly refer to their first "getsu ku" drama. What makes the Monday night time slot so special? Monday is the only day that baseball games do not air, so the lack of competition means a better chance for a hit drama. A Clinic on the Sea is Fuji TV's getsu ku drama this season, and will be available to watch on DramaFever every Friday at noon EST. We hope you enjoy the chemistry between Matsuda Shota and Emi Takei in this charming human drama of a traveling doctor who finds a beautiful woman waiting for him on each island he visits.