Korean superstar Lee Min Ho just went to Taiwan in a whirlwind visit. Due to his busy schedule in filming the movie Gangnam Blues, he only had one day–actually 6 hours–for his enthusiastic fans and a promotional event . Find out how he almost lost his lush hair and what he views as his favorite facial feature below!

Because of the very tight schedule, Lee Min Ho, dressed in his fan's favorite blue, was whisked away as soon as he landed in Taiwan on July 4. He later apologized for not being able to meet the throngs of fans who had been waiting for him inside the airport lobby. He was also late to the press conference. He said that due to different electrical currents, his hair was almost burned by his incompatible hairdryer (Taiwan's system is actually the same as in the US). One could practically hear a collective sigh of relief as his fans would have been pained if he had gotten hurt.

One hundred lucky fans were selected to join him at a fan meet. Considering that he has millions of fans, a fan meet of only 100 people sounds positively intimate with the perfect man.

Although he knows how to say greetings in Chinese, Lee started this fan meet by saying the greetings in the Taiwanese dialect, which is the same dialect as Fujian's Min-Nan dialect in China but different from Chinese Mandarin. At first the interviewer was confused by him because he sounded funny. (But he's so cute!)

He was then asked whether he liked being called the 'Asian Nan Shen,' meaning 'Asian Man-God' in Chinese describing him as the perfect god-like man among men. He said that he liked it, and he did not feel burdened by it because the fans named it out of their enthusiasm and affection for him.

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Before we get to a really important question, here's the video of his interview. It is not subtitled but I have translated his conversation below. Keep reading for his answer about his favorite feature on his face.

At 0:50 into the video, Lee Min Ho was asked about his favorite facial feature. At first he said his eyes, but he immediately clarified it by saying it's his pupils. Whenever the lights turned on, he felt his pupils would shine bright. He's clearly a natural born star!

The occasion for his fan meet was innisfree cosmetics promotion. He said that innisfree's eco-friendly natural skincare products really help his face. He kept a beautiful smile during the entire fan meet, and his skin certainly looked radiant.