In 2014, Seo Kang Joon's ideal type was a beautiful lady who he can easily communicate with. However, the Are You Human Too? actor's soulmate is always changing. So, who is it today?

The Star Cupid decided to find a definitive answer to this question by asking him why his ideal type changes by the interview. In 2016, Seo supplied this honest response to why he's so open when it comes to the One. “I always just reply with whatever I think of when I hear the question in an interview, but in reality I don’t have a particular type. I like people who I can have good conversations with, who are wise, and who laugh a lot. The most important thing isn’t whether they fit my ‘type.’ It’s whether I fall for them.”

Did you hear that? You could be the 5urprise member's soulmate if you are able to click with him! It's all about a meeting of the minds with a little chemistry thrown into the mix.

While you are daydreaming about meeting Seo one day, don't forget to watch him on June 4 playing a dual role in Are You Human Too?. The fantasy series is all about an android taking a rich heir's place when he falls into a coma.

Do you think you are Seo Kang Joon's soulmate?


Are You Human Too?

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