Six years ago today, the hit series You're Beautiful was about to air its final episode. Viewers fell in love with the young stars and their fictional band A.N.JELL for 16 episodes. There were plenty of breath-holding spells and intense heart beating moments as nun-to-be Go Mi Nyu tried to make the boys believe she was her twin brother Go Mi Nam. 

It has been a while since wesaw the main cast together. Let's see what A.N.JELL and Mi Nyu's enemy Yoo He Yi are up to today.

Hwang Tae Kyung (actor Jang Geun Suk)

Besides releasing his new album Monochrome and holding a completely sold out tour in Japan, Jang directed and starred in the short film titled Camp. The movie, which was filmed entirely in Jeju Island, ranked number one on the Oricon Weekly Film Chart. The 28-year-old star hasn't been seen in K-dramaland since Pretty Man in 2013, but it seems like he has been doing very well overseas. Plus, his Jang Geun Suk Live In Seoul 2015 show was a big success in September, and he announced plans to return to K-dramas soon.

Go Mi Nam / Go Mi Nyu (actress Park Shin Hye)

Park solidified her position as K-drama fans' sweetheart after she starred in Pinocchio alongside actor Lee Jong Suk. Viewers spent most of the year shipping the pair after their realistic portrayal as a couple. The 25-year-old actress had a part in the high-concept romantic comedy The Beauty Inside, and she made a few appearances on variety programs too. Next up is the movie Hyung with EXO's D.O. and Jo Jung Suk.

Jeremy (actor and F.T. Island member Lee Hong Ki)

Last year, Lee took on the leading role of Lee Min Ki in the K-drama Modern Farmer. His band F.T. Island released their fifth K-pop studio album I Will in March and their sixth J-pop album 5.....Go in May. The K-pop release did well on the charts, and it was in the top ten of the highest physical albums sold during the month of March. The boy band held a successful world tour at the beginning of the year, as well as, a popular Asia tour. They even celebrated their 5-year anniversary as a band. The 25-year-old lead singer reunited with his You're Beautiful co-star Park Shin Hye for his music video "Insensible". His debut solo albums AM302 (J-pop) and FM302 hit stores this Fall.

Kang Shin Woo (actor and CNBlue member Jung Yong Hwa)

His band celebrated their 5-year anniversary this year too! CNBlue released their popular K-pop album 2gether and J-pop album Colors in September, while Jung's "One Fine Day" debut solo project topped Billboard's World Album Chart. CNBlue's "Cinderella" single alone surpassed 169,000 downloads! The 26-year-old idol made guest appearances on several variety shows in 2015, like Infinite Challenge and Weekly Idol. 

Yoo He Yi (actress and After School member UEE)

The 27-year-old idol has been quite the K-drama queen this year. She had starring roles in Fool's Love, High Society, and even a cameo appearance in She Was Pretty. The "Dress to Kill" singer made guest appearances on Running Man and Infinity Challenge too.

Who was your favorite character in You're Beautiful? Re-watch the popular series below!

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