You Are Too Much traces the unusual relationship between a diva, Yoo Ji Na (Uhm Jung Hwa), and her imitation singer, Jung Hae Dang (Jang Hee Jin and Gu Hye Sun). After a heartbreaking incident, the two female characters embark on a path of competition in love and in career. Age plays an important role in this unique drama, and you'll find it interesting that there is a big age gap among the leading actors.

<Spoilers Alert> I've watched the drama through episode 17.

Yoo Ji Na and Jung Hae Dang became friends at first, but later Yoo Ji Na fell in love with Hae Dang's boyfriend, Jae Hee. This is the critical event that turned the women into enemies. 

Yoo Ji Na tried to justify her action by telling Hae Dang to consider it as a form of compensation for her imitation gigs. In other words, Hae Dang had benefited from Yoo Ji Na's fame and it was fair for Yoo Ji Na to take the boyfriend. (Does anyone agree with that rationale?)

The age of the actors matches how the characters are portrayed in the story. Uhm Jung Hwa is 11 years older than Lee Hyun Kyoon.

Uhm Jung Hwa, 47, plays similar-aged Yoo Ji Na.

Gu Hye Sun, 32, plays Hae Dang (episodes 1 - 6).

Lee Hyun Kyoon, 36, plays Jae Hee, who left Hae Dang for Yoo Ji Na but died in a car accident.

(We'll switch to Jang Hee Jin when discussing Hae Dang, because she took over from episode 7 after Gu Hye Sun exited the drama due to a medical emergency.)

A year after Jae Hee died, the two women seemed to have gone on their separate paths. But fate will force them to confront each other again in an even more complicated double triangle. When Park Hyun Joon signs up Hae Dang for his entertainment agency, Yoo Ji Na decides to block the younger woman's career.

Park Hyun Joon, however, doesn't return Yoo Ji Na's interest. He has actually fallen for Hae Dang, but he is mostly driven by his hatred for his father, who he suspects to have killed his mother.

Once again, we have a big age gap, which is actually not an issue. The real problem is that Yoo Ji Na continues her pattern of being attracted to an unsuitable man. In this case, Park Hyun Joon is the son of a powerful CEO who wants to marry the diva, and he may even woo Yoo Ji Na just to upset his father.

Jung Gyu Woon, 34, plays Park Hyun Joon. He is 13 years younger than Uhm Jung Hwa.

In the meantime, Hae Dang is dating Kyung Soo, a young man who consoled her when she was heartbroken and despondent. Their friendship has turned into love, but they have a big age gap too.

Kang Tae Oh, 22, plays 25-year-old Lee Kyung Soo. 

Jang Hee Jin, 34, plays 33-year-old Hae Dang, and is 12 years older than Kang Tae Oh.

In a recent episode, Hae Dang's father is worried about his daughter being 8 years older than her new boyfriend. 

Little does he know that Kyung Soo carries a big birth secret — He is the blind child that was abandoned by Yoo Ji Na years ago in order to pursue her singer career.

What will Yoo Ji Na do to when she finds out who Kyung Soo really is?

The hallmark of a 50-episode drama is complex relationships among a large ensemble cast. Surprise reversals are expected. As they say, the night is young, and it's still early in You Are Too Much to know how these tricky relationships will turn out. 

What's not surprising is that there will be more surprises.

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*Happy Birthday to Jang Hee Jin! Her birthday is on May 9, and I went ahead and added a year for this article.

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