A very cryptic scene in the popular romcom Bromance is when the viewers see a room number 1314 on the screen. Why 1314? It has to do with an alternative Chinese phrase that gives the moment extra romantic flair. 

Homophones refer to two or more words that sound the same but have different meanings. There are many characters and words that sound the same in the monosyllabic Chinese language, which gives comedians and writers plentiful material to make jokes or twist meanings based on similarly sounding words or phrases. It is also why Chinese is considered difficult because often only fluent speakers can discern meanings by noticing the slight differences in sounds and tones between similar-sounding words and phrases.

For the lovebirds in Bromance, 1314 has a romantic alternative meaning.

"1  3  1  4" is pronounced as "Yi - San - Yi - Si".

"一 生 一 世" is a similar-sounding phrase, and pronounced as "Yi - Shen - Yi - Shi".

"一" is the traditional Chinese character for the number 1.

"一 生 一 世" is literally "One Life, One World," and it means "Forever."

For viewers who have followed Taiwan's hit drama Bromance, Ya Nuo (Megan Lai) and Zi Feng (Baron Chen) Baron fell deeply in love, but Ya Nuo has been masquerading as a boy since childhood to avert a tragic fate predicted by a fortuneteller. The couple's romance is really about two souls meeting and falling in love. 

Many Chinese romances are influenced by the traditional belief that an enduring love will last forever, beyond the borders of time and space. In other words, "One Life, One World" actually refers to the eternal continuation of life through its repetition in multiple cycles. 

This is why "一生一世" means "Forever."

Have you been touched by the lovers' devotion to each other as expressed in Bromance

If you haven't watched it, now is the time to start the marathon, as a happy ending is guaranteed. There is even an extra behind-the-scenes special, episode 19, that shows how the passionate scene was filmed right outside room 1314.

 ~ NancyZdramaland

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