Language always evolves, with new words and phrases being created and tossed around by younger generations all over the world. In South Korea, a new hybrid language between English and Korean has arisen, and the name of it is "Konglish."

With so much Western influence around the world, many cultures have adopted English words as their own, using them in their daily lives. In Japan, for example, there is even a certain alphabet called katakana, which is used specifically for writing words that are from foreign languages. This of course happens the other way around as well, but in America, where there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, imported words from other languages simply become part of the everyday English language. 

In South Korea, there recently has been a noticeable change in the way people, mostly in the younger generation, use certain words. After coming home from studying in London for over five years, a graphic artist named Ran Park had noticed that many young Koreans were now using English words as if they were Korean. She noticed stores that had signs that read "바나나," which is pronounced "banana." People were using "컴퓨터,"  which is pronounced "keomp-yut-eo," or "computer." Some words are simply invented, like "디카," or "dika," which is short for digital camera, and "리모컨," or "rimokeon," was shorthand for remote control. 

 Because what Ran noticed was so pronounced, she decided to come up with a special book, titled, Lost in Konglish, complete with new words and their definitions. Despite her insistence that knowing these words were now important to know, and even helpful when applying for a job, she also thinks that "Konglish" is also having a negative effect. "People haven't realized that there's a phenomenon, that we are losing our own language." Even the government of South Korea has taken notice, with some officials raising their objection to the prevalent use of these new words. 

Nothing can stop the natural evolution of culture, which of course, includes language. What are your thoughts?

The further you go in Ran Park's Lost in Konglish, the pages become less legible


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