Popular Korean actress Ha Ji Won rose to fame with many strong female roles in romantic dramas. With her launching a new role as a doctor in Hospital Ship, let's get ready by taking a look at her famous characters. Which one is your favorite? Which one does Ha Ji Won herself cherish the most?

1. Secret Garden, starring Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin

Gil Ra Im is a stuntwoman with a strong, independent spirit. When a wealthy, arrogant heir falls in love with her, he's about to find that it's he who will be irresistibly tamed.

2. King 2 Hearts, starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi

In this fictional story about a South Korea that is still under monarchy rule, a North Korean woman is arranged to marry the South Korean prince (later king) to secure a peaceful future for the two Koreas. But first, she will show off her fighting chops.


King 2 Hearts

Starring Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won

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3. Hwang Jin Yi, starring Ha Ji WonJang Geun Suk, and Kim Jae Won 

Ha Ji Won shines in this award-winning drama based on the life of the legendary Joseon-era poet, musician, dancer, and gisaeng (a courtesan). Four men loved her but none could have her.


Hwang Jin Yi

Starring Ha Ji Won and Shim Eun Kyung

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4. Empress Ki, starring Ha Ji WonJoo Jin Mo, and Ji Chang Wook

Ha Ji Won perfectly portrays the Korean woman who becomes the influential Empress Ki of China's Yuan dynasty despite her love for the Goryeo Korean king. (The highly popular drama also secured Ji Chang Wook's rise in fame as a new Hallyu star.)

5. Damo, starring Ha Ji WonLee Seo Jin, and Kim Min Joon

Chae Ok becomes a servant in a noble household after her own noble family is condemned and penalized. She then follows her young master (Lee Seo Jin) when he becomes a police commander while she serves as a damo, or policewoman. The two repress their love for each other as they are separated by social status. 

Ha Ji Won considers Chae Ok her most cherished role. She reveals during an interview: "I didn't know much about acting at the time and everything felt new to me, but I was able to act accordingly thanks to the fun atmosphere. I felt a sense of freedom on set," 

6. As One, starring Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na

Based on true events that occurred during the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships, the movie is about two opposing Korean athletes who formed a united team in the world competition to win under one banner. Both actresses have strong on-screen personality and are perfect for their roles.

As you see, Ha Ji Won is admired not just for her beauty but also for exuding an inner personal strength, combined with excellent acting skills, to impress and mesmerize us with her on-screen characters.

Are you excited to see her in the upcoming drama?

Hospital Ship, starring Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk, will be on air exclusively at DramaFever starting at the end of August. 

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Hospital Ship

Starring Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk

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So which drama starring Ha Ji Won is your favorite?

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