This is a regular thing he does so I probably “owe” him a lot. If he acts like this in these fake saving my life incidents, I can’t imagine how he would be if he really did save my life in a dangerous situation! It’s something I’ve seen other Korean guys, both in real life and in dramas, do as well. It's a joke but they do it with such a straight face.

Grabbing my wrist to save me from a car that is still metres away, which I wasn’t going to step in front of anyway, isn’t that impressive!

The payment for “saving” my life varies from “you should be good to me”, “you should be loyal to me”, to occasionally, “you have to be my slave”. Guess this hero can’t just be happy with the good feeling from saving someone?

Nichola is married to a Korean man and makes comics about their life together on her blog My Korean Husband. They also have a YouTube Channel called My Korean Husband. Nichola and her husband currently live in Sydney Australia but are moving to Korea very soon.