It's time that more romance-lovers discover the magic of Korean and Chinese dramas, so in order to introduce a whole new audience to DramaFever, we have a brand new channel that showcases real people in search of real love from around the world, DramaFever Journeys. We are excited to welcome new fans, and you, to series that are just as addictive, romantic and funny as our beloved K-dramas. But our new fans need your help! What K-dramas would you recommend to someone who is coming to DramaFever for the first time?

Some of my favorite dramas to recommend to someone who has never watched a K-drama before are Descendants of the Sun for romance and adventure lovers, Oh My Ghostess for comedy and horror lovers, and Running Man for fans of reality TV.

Comment below to let new fans know what they should watch next!

And have no fear! While some people have been worried that DramaFever is moving away from licensing Asian dramas, we are very much committed to making DramaFever the place to come for all your favorite Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas. And if you're curious about watching a new dating show from DramaFever Journeys, let me recommend We Are In Love Season 2, starring Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin.


We Are In Love: Season 2 - 我们相爱吧

Starring Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bo Lin

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