Social media platforms have been blessings in that they allow people from all over the world to share their lives with others, no matter where they are. However, when what you're sharing is all about how skinny you are, as what's been happening lately among appearance-obsessed young women, the same platforms can become more of a curse.

Just last month, a disturbing trend among young women in China made news all over the world. These ladies were all part of an online beauty trend called the "#A4WaistChallenge," where they would post selfies while holding an A4 sheet of paper vertically over their waist, which would cover parts of their midsection. This would, of course, imply that they were skinny enough to do this. "If you can't—well, you're just not skinny enough!" is what they seemed to be saying. 

And then, just a few months later, it was already another trend—the "#iPhone6legs." To show how skinny their legs were, young women would put an iPhone 6 over their knees horizontally to showcase their skinny legs. "Can't do it? Better check your fat legs!" is what they seemed to imply. 

And there's already another trend going on, right now, at this very moment. Girls are taking selfies of themselves putting on lipstick with one arm wrapped around their heads, and the arm in question is the one they use to touch up their lips. The idea is that they are skinny enough and have faces small enough to pull that off. What's more impressive to me is how they do that and take a selfie with their free hand, all the while trying to look as cute as possible. That's talent!

As expected, many netizens are raising concerns about the unrealistic expectations of beauty these ladies are propagating. Not only is the obsession with physical appearance not healthy emotionally, it obviously can get to a point where it becomes unhealthy physically, with so many girls trying to starve themselves just to take part in a "viral challenge."

Either way, keep your eyes open. A new Chinese beauty trend will likely be thought up and circulating by this time next week.


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