whatplanet_wpToday we uploaded a new drama called What Planet Are Your From? starring award-winning actors Jung Ryeo Won and Kim Rae Won. This story is about a successful young movie director who was deeply distraught from losing his girlfriend in a car accident, particularly because the tragedy occurred when he was proposing to her while driving (guys, there are safer and more romantic ways to do this!). After spending three drunken, reclusive years holed up in his apartment, he tries to rebuild his life. He then runs into a rural country girl who looks just like his former girlfriend, and the plot gets more and more interesting.

Though a very enjoyable and lighthearted story, this is not another clichéd fairytale script. The drama really pushes the concept of loving someone's looks vs. loving that person as a whole, and is well acted overall. The name of this story is based on the notion that everyone comes from a different planet before being born.

Hope you enjoy it and, as always, thanks for your continued support!

Watch What Planet Are You From? now!

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