The secrets are finally out, everyone! The "X-files" that haven't been released until now! What really happened during the creation of 3 of the most popular Kdramas is finally being revealed. And surprisingly, it's what we all believed!

Note: This is, sadly, all fictional and created from the depths of my own imagination. But in the end, who knows what happened in those rooms back then?

1. Heartstrings

In the writer's room:

Pyo Min Soo (director): Alright, ever since the end of You're Beautiful, the internet has been demanding to see a happy ending for Kang Shin Woo because seriously, he must be the most pitiful character in all Kdrama history.

The Hong Sisters (Writers): Soooo, what do you want us to do Director?

Director: What I want?! All I ask for is that you guys cast Park Shin-Hye and Jung Yong-Hwa as the main leads of a drama. The rest? I don't care what the hell happens during it all, as long as they end up together in the end, okay?!

Or, this is what all You're Beautiful fans imagined it to be. Those two actors are seriously stuck together by the shoulders! Don't forget, Yong-Hwa was originally going to be cast in "The Heirs" as well, until he declined the offer. If that happened, they would have been co-actors for the THIRD TIME. Are these a match-made by the Kdrama gods or what?

2. The Master's Sun

On the day of the castings:

The Hong Sisters: Alright everybody, listen up! Sooo our poor Hyo-Jin has been acting in rom-coms for YEARS now, but with who? You guessed right, none other than MARRIED MEN. I mean, look at this list:

Thank You (2007): Male lead = Jang Hyuk, married with longtime girlfriend of 6 years

Pasta (2010): Male lead = Lee Sun Gyun, married in 2009 with longtime actress-girlfriend

The Greatest Love (2011): Male lead = Cha Seung Won, married since 1989

We. Need. Someone. Single. NOW! Bring forth the single males!

(After hours of searching, scanning and internet-browsing...)

WE FOUND HIM! *points to a picture of So Ji-Sub, probably this one*

The Hong Sisters: Call him now! What, is he single you ask? Don't worry, we totally know he's single. Remember Infinity Challenge? Yep, most certainly single.

And the end result? A happy Hyo-Jin acting with a male lead who TOTALLY suits her. I mean, have you seen those behind the scenes clips online? Talk about real chemistry; even the director himself said that they acted like a real couple. NO JOKE! Seriously guys, just get together already! Geun-Young and Kim-Bum have done it already, so now it's your turn!

3. The Heirs

In the conference room after characters have been cast:

Kim Eun-Sook (Writer): Wow Director, that is a LONG line-up of actors you have there.

Kang Shin-Hyo (Director): Yep, this drama is guaranteed to earn awards! With all these idols, we are BOUND to have the support of thousands of Kpop fans ALL across the world!

Writer: And having Min-ho and Shin-Hye team up? Director, you are a genius! It makes me giddy just thinking about them together! (Eun-Sook suddenly realises something) *gasp* Ummm Director, there's something we haven't covered yet...

Director: What is it?

Writer: ...What are we going to name the drama?

Director: ...Urhhhh I-hehe-I haven't thought of it yet...

Writer: B-b-but Director! The script reading starts tomorrow!!

Director: Come on Eun-Sook ah, you're the writer! I'm sure you can figure something out!

And so, they decide to go with "The Heirs", also known as:

  1. The Inheritors
  2. The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Bears the Crown – The Heirs
  3. He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight – The Heirs
  4. One Who Wants to Wear the Crown Bear the Crown – The Heirs
  5. Those Who Want the Crown, Withstand the Weight of it – The Heirs
i.e. THE MOST LONGEST TITLES FOR A KDRAMA IN ALL OF KDRAMA HISTORY! And not to mention the MOST titles ever given to a Kdrama. Seriously guys, what the hell happened in that room?!

So, there you have it! The embarrassing X-files that the directors and writers never wanted you to know. The fake truth is finally out!

Out of total curiosity, what other dramas do you believe were created out of some wacky idea a writer or director had? Leave them in the comments down below. Otherwise, let me know if you ever thought that this is how these dramas came about! Thanks for reading~

P.S. If this seems too offensive to you readers, please remember that this is, in the end, a joke. Please forgive me if I have offended anybody...especially you Hyo-Jin sorry about the cover photo...

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