Taiwanese drama star, Roy Chiu, recently revealed that has a special fear. He is so afraid that even when he travels, he will insist on staying in unusual places or follow a special routine to ease his fear.

Roy Chiu recently took a stress-relief vacation by visiting Tokyo. He backpacked and stayed in a capsule hotel, (kapsule hotelru in Japanese,) where people are essentially pigeonholed in units stacked up like person-sized container boxes. You can't even stand up in a unit. It's only big enough for a person to lie down. Also, guests have to share communal bathrooms.

As Roy can certainly afford a suite at any luxury hotel, the reason that he stayed in the capsule hotel was quite a surprise to everyone: he's afraid of ghosts.

If he has to stay in a regular hotel, he follows a special routine to avoid running into ghosts. He said, "Do not stay in a room that's at the end. Knock on the door before you enter, and step inside with the left foot first." Apparently there are others who hold the same belief, because as soon as Roy talked about his routine, others started sharing these tips: "Run the toilet before using it because ghosts might stay inside the bathroom." and "Don't leave your shoes next to the bed or ghosts might climb up the bed." The scary talk caused Roy to cover up his ears, and he kept saying, "Stop, no more."

His fear of ghosts is so severe that he has even turned down several new films involving ghosts or scary plots. Roy said it's because he wouldn't want to live in that kind of scary atmosphere while filming. It was mentioned that in foreign films, there are usually roles for very handsome vampires. He was at first interested, but then said, "In Asia, vampires would be zombies. Forget it then."

That's all right, Roy. We don't mind if you keep making more romance-comedy dramas for us, like Office Girls or Miss Rose. Personally, my most favorite role of Roy's is when he played the gangster who excelled at cooking in Easy Fortune Happy Life.