When multi-talented Hallyu star Lee Min Ho took on the documentary project, DMZ The Wild, he was taking on a rough assignment. Although he isn't one to fear dangers, he confessed about a time when he was unable to move at a scary sight. What was it? It sounds funny now, but it was really a memorable moment for him. We'll let him tell you about it himself.

The occasion was the press conference, held on March 29, for the DMZ The Wild documentary.

Lee Min Ho admitted that he was nervous when he first arrived at the filming site. The DMZ is a special area that serves as a border between North Korea and South Korea. Who wouldn't feel nervous, especially for an unarmed civilian?

However, a truly stunning moment occurred when he finally saw some wild beasts that he had been waiting a long time for.

We're glad to find this video subbed in English by a Lee Min Ho fan. Check it out from 00:54.

Apparently the director wasn't going to let Lee Min Ho get away from that embarrassing moment. But, it's good to see that our Hallyu star could laugh at himself for being so scared that he could only stare and couldn't even move.

Here is a short trailer to the upcoming special:

The MBC documentary DMZ The Wild premieres its prologue on April 3 in South Korea. You can read more about the special program and Lee Min Ho's reasons for participating in the project HERE

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