Slow traffic is one thing, but being trapped in your car for hours due to a dangerous blizzard is a hope destroyer. Fortunately, in this case, the generous hearts of a few good men came to the rescue of many.

In Japan, a big snowstorm forced authorities of the Chuo Expressway near Tokyo to close off about 60 sections of road due to unsafe driving conditions. With traffic coming to a standstill and drivers getting grumbling stomachs, tensions began to rise.

Luckily, one particular vehicle stuck in the traffic was a delivery truck for Yamazaki Bread, one of Japan’s largest bakers.

All the bread was near its expiration date and the delivery men did not believe all the food should go to waste. With no end in sight, they sent out a tweet:

“To anyone by the exit of the Otsuki Interchange: We have a full load of bread that is about to expire in the truck parked by the exit. We are handing it out to whoever wants it, so please come.”

Word spread quickly, and pretty soon the delivery men had motorists flocking to the back of their truck for the free offerings. Drivers soon filled social media outlets with thankful messages.

This is proof genuine humanity still exists.