A 28-year old Chinese man recently died after eating the exotic stinky fruit called durian. He wasn't killed by eating durian alone, but he died from drinking milk after eating durian. Apparently, there are many rules about what's forbidden when eating the unusual fruit, and unlike other urban myths, they are actually true.

The man was on vacation in Thailand where he first ate a lot of durian and then drank a lot of milk (there's no explanation for why he drank milk after eating durian). He then died of a massive heart attack. The report described the poisoning as worse than a snake's venom.

It turned out that in Thailand, there's a warning against eating any dairy products within 8 hours of eating durian. You also cannot drink wine or cola. Nor can you eat eggplant. Additionally, diabetic patients are not allowed to eat durian or they could suffer strokes. People who are suffering from the cold, flu, coughing, bronchitis, or too much heat in the body are also advised not to eat durian. It contains sugar and is high in calories, so it's also not good for the obese. It is also high in potassium, so those with kidney or heart problems are advised to avoid it. If you do eat durian, never overeat it as the fruit can absorb water and expand in your stomach, causing constipation.

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On the other hand, durian is beneficial to those recovering from an illness or labor because it is full of nutrients. The seeds can be cooked or grilled and taste like sweet potatoes, according to the report. Durian can also be combined with other ingredients to be made into soap.

The famous risks associated with eating durian don't ward off everyone from eating it. There are many people who fall in love with durian after the first bite, despite its stinky smell.