Now that a brand new year is upon us, fans from all over the world are anticipating comebacks from all their favorite K-pop groups, but what exactly is in store for them this 2016? Well, no need to guess, because multiple Korean entertainment companies have announced their plans for their artists, including groups like EXO, BIGBANG, and BTS. With everything from group comebacks to solo debuts, here is what to expect from your favorite K-pop artists in 2016. 

1.) BTS 

Big Hit Entertainment decided to focus all of their attention to their sole active group, BTS, this year. Along with the concert and group activities that are already underway, the company is discussing the possibility of solo and unit activities, plus variety and theater opportunities. No specific details have been offered yet, but it looks like ARMY's have a lot to look forward to. 


After being featured on Family Guy, many Star1's are excited to see what is next for the girl group, but according to Starship Entertainment, SISTAR will be primarily focusing on individual activities and honing in on each member's personal strengths in order to build a better, more competent group. On the bright side, members Hyorin and Soyou will be releasing another collaboration that is sure to enthrall fans until their next group comeback. 


This rookie group has developed a fairly large fandom in both South Korea and China, a feat which led Starship Entertainment to have the group promoting in both countries throughout the course of this year. On top of this, the group has just recently released a preview for their upcoming reality-variety show called "Right Now!". This show is sure to excite and entertain Monbebe's everywhere. 

4.) Super Junior 

After ten years since their debut, Super Junior will be continuing their individual and group activities under their own dedicated label, Label SJ, including Ryeowook's upcoming solo debut, making him the second Super Junior member to become a soloist. Despite Sungmin, DonghaeEunhyuk, and Siwon's enlistment, it seem like E.L.F's may still have a great year ahead of them. 

5.) EXO

International fans are all abuzz with excitement as they wait for EXO to stop by their city for their EXO'luXion North American tour, but what else is in store for this popular boy group? Well, are going to see at least one album from them this year, but otherwise they are scheduled to continue their group activities along with their many solo endeavors, including D.O and Baekhyun's acting projects, such as Pure Love, Hyung, and Moon Lovers, and Lay's promotions in China. No matter what, it'll probably be yet another hectic year for EXO. 

6.) f(x) 

f(x), along with most SM artists, will simply be continuing their scheduled group and solo activities, including Amber's highly anticipated second solo album. Nonetheless, fans of f(x) will be excited for this album along with any others that will be released in the upcoming year.

7.) AOA 

AOA have just recently announce their plans for a huge comeback this year as not only a dance group, but also as a band through their sub-group, AOA Black. This year they are planning to work mostly as a group, but are still making plans for solo activities. Their fans better get ready, because this year AOA is planning on making it big. 


CNBLUE, like their sister group and most other artists from FNC Entertainment, will be having more than one comeback this year, but are planning on focusing most of their attention on their music and variety activities. Another focal point for this year will be on improving on their individual acting skills. With luck, we'll be seeing these boys in some dramas again real soon. 


Great news for INNERCIRCLE's! WINNER will be having their first comeback in over a year. There has also been discussion over possible television appearances for the group, but this has not yet been completely concerned. Despite this, their fans still have a lot to be excited for. 


BIGBANG is currently touring successfully in Japan and have revealed no certain plans past that, except for the unfortunate news of T.O.P's enlistment into the army later in this year. V.I.P's everywhere are devastated, but will continue to love and support the group in whatever happens next. Although, their future is uncertain at the moment, there are sure to be some plans eventually. 

11.) 2NE1 

The future for 2NE1 is uncertain and have released no real plan for the upcoming year. All of the 2NE1 members, except for CL, whose contracts are ending this year have yet to resign with YG Entertainment, leaving the company and Blackjack's in a state of concern. Hopefully, we will see some better news from this group in the near future. 


INFINITE is extremely busy with not only their INFINITE EFFECT World Tour, but also "SHOWTIME", albums, and TV show appearances. This trend will be continued throughout the year along with more group activities, solo and unit activities, and variety appearances, making 2016 a busy year for both them and their large fanbase. 

13.) Lovelyz

This year Lovelyz will be remaining domestic and releasing multiple albums again this year, along with challenging themselves with variety appearances and possible acting opportunities. These developments should prove to be very good for the girl group and their rising fandom. 

14.) GOT7 

GOT7 is currently in preparation for for their Japan Zepp Tour and have also just joined the line-up for Toronto's K-Pop Con, but will also have at least one comeback this year, like most other JYPE groups, along with other domestic and international activities. Hopefully, it'll be another great year for them and I GOT7's.

15.) 4MINUTE

4MINUTE will be collaborating with Skrillex for their comeback this month, with many of their company-mates following suit. Additionally, there is a high possibility of establishing solo or unit activities sometime within the year to add to their already considerable list of accomplishments. 

16.) NU'EST

Good news for Korean L.O.Λ.E's! NU'EST will be promoting in Korea again for the first time in a long time and will be participating in many domestic activities throughout the year. Hopefully, fan's will see another comeback in the future, but nothing has been confirmed yet. 


The rookie group Seventeen is so popular that their first concert sold out in literally a minute, resulting in them holding an encore concert in the next few months. This is one of the first of many accomplishment to be expected from this group this year as they plan to have at least two comeback this year, if not more. K-pop fans are all excited to see where this up and coming group will go in the future. 

What group are you most excited for this year? Who do you think will make it big in 2016? Let us know in the comments below!