What should I watch tonight? Where can I find new-to-me dramas? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, you’ve come to the right place! Celebrating the start of the weekend, here’s a megalist of show recommendations. You can start watching or adding these shows to your Watchlist right away! While at it, don’t forget to check out this week's new releases, With You and I'm Not a Robot, as well as the DramaFever original series Oh My Grace! Here's your guide by theme:

Most Popular

This week’s Top 10 Asian dramas

Top Korean and Chinese dramas to watch this month (10 Shows)

Top C-dramas to watch this month (5 Shows)


Romantic shows of 2017 (9 Shows)

Feel-good shows of 2017 (7 Shows)

Short series to stay in bed with (10 Shows)

Clean and family-friendly (7 Shows)

Historicals with a time-travel twist (6 Shows)

For twentysomethings (7 Shows)

Comics-turned-K-dramas (11 Shows)

Underrated dramas of 2017 (10 Shows)

Dramas by Genre

Feel-good romantic comedies (7 Shows)

Soap operas (5 Shows)

Mystery and suspense (7 Shows)

Thrillers starring strong women (5 Shows)

Ghost stories (12 Shows)

Not-too-scary supernatural shows (5 Shows)

Historical K-dramas (7 Shows)

Historical romance (5 Shows)

Dramas by Mood

Nostalgic for the ‘90s (5 Shows)

Weekend vibes (10 Shows)

Monday blues (5 Shows)

Comfort shows (7 Shows)

Fall romance (7 Shows)

Get through a breakup (9 Shows)

Food lover (10 Shows)

The King loves (5 Shows)

Bad guys too hot to hate (5 Shows)

Dramas with...

Amazing soundtracks (10 Shows)

Starring chefs (5 Shows)

Starring doctors (5 Shows)

Starring ghastly to hilarious ghosts (5 Shows)

Starring romantic magical creatures (5 Shows)

Starring CNBLUE members (3 Shows)

Dramas about Love

Boys Over Flowers inspired (5 Shows)

Love conquers all (6 Shows)

Love always gives you another chance (7 Shows)

Beautiful love letters (7 Shows)

Chinese Dramas

C-dramas for beginners (7 Shows)

Best-rated Chinese dramas of 2017 (7 Shows)

Chinese fantasy romance (6 Shows)

Chinese Valentine’s (6 Shows)

What's your favorite drama of the moment? Please share with us in the comments below! 

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