On a recent episode of the KBS2 variety program Happy Together,  Suhyun was given the opportunity to chat about a brief plastic surgery conversation with her agency's CEO. According to the Akdong Musician member, Yang Hyun Suk once asked her, "For you Suhyun, how about getting a little touch up on your nose?" 

She firmly yet respectfully replied, "Not going to do it. President, I am already very thankful that I have two nostrils that I can breathe out of."

Brave girl! The lovely 17-year-old idol is proud of her face, and she doesn't plan to alter it in the near future. AKMU fans always seem to praise the star for her natural cuteness. It would break their hearts to know she went under the knife to get a different look. Personally, I think she looks just fine, and I would love to see her paired with K-drama's new heartthrob Nam Joo Hyuk again. Their chemistry in Akdong Musician's "200%" and "Give Love" music videos was endearing! 

What do you think about her brave decision to not go under the knife?


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Source: Via  Image Credit: YG Entertainment