This last Friday the cast of Let's Fight Ghost, comprised of TaecyeonKim So HyunKwon Yool, and Kim Sang Ho, held a lively press showcase to promote the upcoming supernatural drama that is set to air on July 11 on DramaFever. During their many interactions with the fans and the media, the actors enthusiastically made promises to reward their fans if they reach their desired viewership goals. However, just how will they do that?

The drama's leading couple, Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun, in their excitement vowed to perform a live ghost fight stating, "If the viewership goes over 5%, then we will wear the same costumes from the drama and enact a fight scene at the exact place we filmed the fight scene." 

However, the level-headed Kwon Yool stated that this might not necessarily be what the cast will do if they reach their goal and instead said, "We will think very carefully about what we can do for the viewers and announce our decision at a later time through the drama's official Facebook page." This is definitely an announcement to look forward to if the goals are met. 

Fans have given their own suggestions as to what the reward should be, including having the actors give away free hugs. After hearing this suggestion, Kwon Yool laughed and jokingly replied, "If the drama goes over 10%, then Taecyeon will hold a solo free hug event." 

Could fans possibly look forward to hugs from the hunky dreamboat that is Ok Taec Yeon? Or a possible fight reenactment? We'll just have to wait and see! Until then, please support Let's Fight Ghost by watching it right here on Dramafever on July 11. 


Let's Fight Ghost

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Which idea do you think is the best? What would you like to see the cast do if they reach their viewership goal? Would you want a free hug from Taecyeon? Let us know in the comments below!