Being an heir means that your job is already decided for you without considering what you actually like or dislike. Many characters in the K-drama Heirs seem to like their destinies, but there are those who don’t want to take that place, like Hyo Shin and Myeong Soo. Korean netizens who are addicted to Heirs wrote about what each character would do for a job if they were to give up their inheritance on the Heirs gallery of DC. Each character was analyzed carefully for fun, and their imaginary jobs were chosen based on each character's personality and features. Here are the results:

1. Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) – Professional surfer, Statue of beauty

Kim Tan handled his surf board with outstanding skill in the beginning of Heirs. Many fans mentioned it, and they chose professional surfer, surfer coach, and boss of a surfboard rental shop as Kim Tan’s new job. The most interesting one people mentioned was becoming a statue because of his fantastic face and well-proportioned body.

2. Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) – Barista.

Eun Sang spends a lot of her time in a Café, and the uniform looks good on her. She is almost a professional at making coffee, so people selected a barista as her expected job.

3. Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) – Dog trainer, Motorcycle tuner

Young Do becomes kind only when he is with his black dog and Eun Sang. People expect that Young Do will be good at training dogs with his charisma. Also, this is just my opinion, a motorcycle tuner would be a good job for Young Do. He showed his high interest in motorcycle tuning in Heirs.

4. Lee Bo Na (Krystal Jung) – Power blogger.

Bo Na uses her phone every moment to check messages and SNS posts from Chan Young. And she knows the hot trends in the fashion and broadcasting fields. That is why people chose a power blogger who has to check internet in real time as Bo Na's job.

5. Yoon Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk) - Cuisine researcher

Chan Young is clever, and also he showed us his cooking ability when he cooked food with his father in harmony. He could use his brain to create perfect food for Bo Na.

6. Yoo Rachel (Kim Ji Won) - Golfer

Golfer uniforms look good on Rachel, and many people chose a golfer as Rachel’s job because she has a nice body shape to wear them. She has a strong sense of competition, so it would be suitable for her.

7. Jo Myeong Soo (Park Hyung Sik) - Entertainment reporter

For some reason, everybody agrees that Myeong Soo would be an entertainment reporter. In episode 13, Myeong Soo showed his talent as a paparazzi and reporter.

8. Lee Hyo Shin (Kang Ha Neul) - Store-owner of a red ginseng direct management store

He usually brings red ginseng extract and candy to get energy in Heirs. People ignored all other features of Hyo Shin, and just chose this job for him. People added that as a store owner, Hyo Shin wouldn’t sell his products; he would eat all of the red ginseng in the store.

9. Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk) - Heath trainer, Voice actor

He can’t hide his chiseled muscles even though he wears suits, but I would choose a voice actor for him because of his irresistible voice. I can't accept that he would waste his voice as a heath trainer.

10. Han Ki Ae (Kim Sung Ryung) - Sommelier

In her hand, there is usually a wine glass, and she really likes to drink wine. We know that she wants wine to forget her miserable state and loneliness. If she became a wine sommelier, regardless of her rich and broken family, she would be more famous for her beauty than other sommeliers.

11. Park Hee Nam (Kim Mi Kyung) -Stenographer

As you know, she can’t talk. Her conversations are carried on in writing. So she has a high speed of writing and typing letters. People ignored her weaknesses, and cultivated her strength when choosing this job for her.

What do you think of these jobs? If you think there are other perfect jobs for Heirs' characters, then comment below!